Tips To Troubleshoot IQOS Common Issues

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IQOS is a heat-tobacco-non-burn electronic device, which is gaining popularity. As it is a new low-risk way of enjoying tobacco, consumers are hardly familiar with the common issues. For example, IQOS blinks red light, while charging or the red light stays ON, and more.

Troubleshooting the IQOS common problems is simple. Just reset the pocket charger and the device gets fixed. Red light blinking is the common charging error in IQOS 3.0. 

IQOS common issues are –

  • Blinking red
  • Blinking while charging
  • Blinking not charging
  • Red light stays
  • And more

Some of the cases just reset and the issue is solved. In a few cases, the issues can be in the battery. is a leading platform, where you can buy IQOS with a warranty. 

How to troubleshoot IQOS flashing red light?

If the IQOS keeps flashing red light then the device is malfunctioning. In such cases, reset the rechargeable base or you can restart the holder. Now, check if the issue is resolved or not. Press the IQOS button for some time and then release. After some seconds, you will see all the IQOS lights flashing, which means the reset is concluded.

Learn about IQOS LED light indicators

  • Read light indicates device error-like malfunction.
  • White light blinking means the IQOS is charging.
  • White light blinks twice, which signals the device is heated and needs a cool down.
  • If the holder is put upside down then there is no LED light, which means the device will not charge. 
  • Solid IQOS red means experience is over. The holder is totally discharged, so place it in the pocket charger. It will take 5 minutes to get fully charged.
  • The pocket charger has 3 LEDs. Solid white means the device is charged fully, while white blinking suggests the device is charging. Red light blinking means contact with the charger is poor. 

What does IQOS flashing orange light mean?

When the LED holder button remains solid green, it means you can enjoy Heatstick for 6 minutes [14 puffs]. Before the experience ends [30 seconds remaining], the LED switches to solid orange. 

What does vibration mean?

Single vibration occurring at the start reveals that the blade is getting heated. Another one occurs 30 seconds from the end.

Why does IQOS smell strange?

It is essential to clean the inner chamber and heating blade regularly because there is an accumulation of debris and junk. Each stick will last for six minutes and the device shuts off automatically. It will need recharging before the next use. After using each heat stick you need a thorough clean to eliminate the debris and fluid from the heater. Clean the IQOS after every 20 heat stick use with the help of a brush. 

Why is IQOS not pulling?

The holder is too sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. So, during winter the holder easily cools down. Therefore rub the holder with your hand to warm it and then charge it.

A freezing temperature can damage the battery. If you checked everything and failed then take help from IQOS customer support.