How can you find the perfect bra for your bust?

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Things to keep in mind

If you love to wear a bra it is important to find one that fits and feels comfortable. Bras that aren’t as good lead to poor physical health. Incorrectly fitted straps and wires can, for instance, dig into your skin.

Unsupported bras can make it difficult to stand and can cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

It is not uncommon for bras that are too small to deter people from getting active. The way your clothes fit can be affected by your bra. Your bra’s fit can affect how confident you feel about your appearance.

Take a look at the options and find the bra that best suits you.


Imagine your breasts looking out on a lovely balcony. This is the essence of a balconette bra. It has shorter cups, a horizontal thigh, and straps that rest wider apart than most bras.

The balconette covers your breasts so that you can conceal the bra beneath low necklines.

The straps and the underwire offer some support but the balconette has less support than fuller cups.

Best for Smaller, rounder Breasts That Fill out the Balconette’s Short Cups without Overfilling.


A bandeau, or tiny tube top, is a bandeau. It is worn over the head and doesn’t require any straps, cups, or hooks.

The bandeau is a full-coverage top that covers your breasts. The fabric usually ends below your shoulders. This bra only provides minimal support. However, it can keep your breasts straight if the straps are tight enough.

Best For Smaller, rounder Breasts, unless you are looking for something more casual and low-support for your daily life.


This bralette can be worn in underwear or as a bralette, which you may have seen on Instagram. Bralettes usually come in beautiful, lacy materials, without any padding, underwires, or cups.

Coverage All bralettes have full coverage.

A bralette is not going to provide you with much support. Save it for those occasions when you are more comfortable without.


While a cage bra may be called a “cage bra”, it does not necessarily mean that your bust is being protected. Multiple straps spread over or below the cups give the cage bra its elegant name.

Cage bras come in a variety of coverage options, but most favor showing off curves and sexy legs than providing full coverage.

A bra with multiple straps that work together can give you lots and lots of support.


A convertible bra can offer multiple styles all in one. You can remove the straps from the bra to make it strapless. Then, you can re-attach them with different styles, like racer back and halter.

Styles will have different coverage. Straps may be attached to increase coverage.

Convertible BRAS are typically supportive but can feel more supported with both of the straps attached.

Best for Convertible bras offer versatility that could be beneficial to anyone with any breast type or size. If you aren’t a fan of strapless bras, it is possible to save money by buying multiple styles.

Cup less

A bra that doesn’t have cups is missing the whole point of being a bra. This is not the case. If you have the chance to try a bra with no cups, you will see why it is worth it. This style is lingerie with a frame, but no material over the cups or nipple.

Coverage your cup less bra will not provide much coverage but it will let you show your chest.

While cup less bras offer very little support for your breasts in the cup area, they provide enough support for your bust and base with the help of underwire and straps.


Demi bras can be low-cut with cups measuring about half an inch higher than your bust. You can pair it with a V top and not worry about your bra cup being visible. your breasts will be covered only by a demi bra.

Demi bras can provide support if you are careful about the size, wiring, and straps.


A front-open bra includes a fastener located in the front between the cups. This bra style is easier to pull off and put on than a bra that hooks in the back.

you will find front-open bras of almost all styles. The coverage varies depending on whether they are sports bras or push-up bras.

This all depends on what style you choose, but some people find bras with integrated back support to be more supportive.


Full-coverage bras get their name because they provide full coverage. The cup fabric is designed to cover your full breasts.

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